The legal warranty applies to the items you have purchased on our website. In case an item is defective upon receipt or it shows a defect while in the warranty period you may return the item. We make sure to find a suitable solution for you as soon as possible.

Our company has no repair service. A defective product is repaired by the dealer or a recognized repairer. If the supplier can confirm the defect and the product can't be repaired you receive a new one.

Each product has a standard legal warranty. The duration of the warranty period depends on the product. Within this period, you are entitled to a replacement or a repair of the article.

The guarantee does not apply in the following cases:
1. Defects caused by improper use;
2. Minor deviations which are not relevant to the use of the article;
3. Transport damage that arose outside the responsibility of Maxiam Ltd.;
4. Damage by natural wear and tear, misuse, lack of maintenance, failure to observe the assembly instructions or directions;
5.Damage caused by alterations or repairs by the customer or third parties;
6.Damage caused for example by falling, dust or water;

Returning defective item

In case of a defective product please follow these steps for a smooth handling.

1. Send to us an e-mail – office@te-light.bg, that you want to return an article.
2. You will receive a confirmation of your request and instructions for sending the article by e-mail.
3. We will send you a confirmation by e-mail upon receipt of your shipment.
4. We will investigate your complaint and we will look as quickly as possible for a solution.

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